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The Story Behind 'Georgia'

I wrote this one around the turn of the century. I was playing around town a lot at night while working days at Statistics Canada. During this time I met several girls named Georgia. I recall thinking to myself " wow, that's a popular name". Unbeknownst to me I was meeting the same girl over and over again. I met her through two different and quite varied groups of friends and then finally at a staff meeting at Statistics Canada whereupon she exclaimed to me and anyone within ear shot, "are you bloody daft?" I recoiled in horror not knowing what it is I could have done to draw such a reaction. I quickly thought back to my last few social engagements to see if I could recall any unpleasantries and had satisfied myself that no in fact I had not done or said anything offensive to anyone during those periods and I certainly hasn't said or done anything to this young lady as we'd never met. She then informed me this was likely the sixth or seventh time we had met with the last time being not but 12 hours prior. She explained in detail each of our meetings which were all quite pleasant and charming enough. Upon realizing my error and lack of recollection we laughed quite heartily. A few weeks later I wrote the song and was heavy with excitement at the thought of playing it for her. However I never saw her again.


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