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The Story Behind 'Another Day'

I had started writing this song shortly after the birth of my second son. I came up with the opening line 'another day another tear, another love, another fear' and the main chord progression. But it remained unfinished for the next few years.

I came back to it virtually by accident. I'd made a recording of what little I had on my phone as I often do and came across it one day. I began to work it again but was unconvinced that it should see completion. I needed a spark, something to inspire me.

I began teaching guitar last year and had found one of my students to be a great sounding board. I played her what I had and she loved it and convinced me to finish the song. But I needed a line to complete the first verse.

Kaitlyn provided just that with the lyric 'oh summer gives way to fall, oh Summer has it all'. It fit perfectly and we discussed further the direction of the song and though we were coming at it from two different directions. The theme was the same and we were able to blend the ideas perfectly and come up with a song with universal appeal.

Lyrically I think it deals with love, loss, betrayal, abandonment, and for a split second in the last verse a moment of nostalgia and missing what was, however dysfunctional it may have been: 'forget the past I miss you now'. The next line completely dismisses that thought, 'this too shall pass should time allow'.

A big thank you to Kaitlyn Rodrigues, my co-writer on this song, as I would never have completed it without her input and encouragement.

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